Shout out/Update


Hello,hello,hello *waving*
Welcome to another month end ,so this post would have been done yesterday but ah laziness to type more of procrastination (if any one has a cure to that please let me know).
So this is supposed to be a new feature for Saturday where I specially welcome all my new followers but as I said earlier on ……don’t worry my old ones I haven’t forgotten you ,you shall get yours next week
So let’s get started shall we Today’s shout out goes to
Farah Edz – The girl with coffee
Lena hedges-
Tishabhazi of TISHA-KNOWS
Mandy Stifler
The mummy side of life
Abubakar- Sensible Wizard
Hermionefowl- Addlepates and booknerds
Mugilan Raju
And you all that have followed me THANKYOU
Do remember that your positive criticism is always welcomed always.
That is all for now ,don’t forget to like ,follow and very soon subscribe on the following as I love hearing from you guys*hugs*

.b : Debbie red
I.G: softer shade of red

Till next time
Be optimistic




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