As the days draw near in bidding 2016 goodbye, we must however take time to reminisce over the bittersweet moments we shared .

Well for me 2016 was a lovely year which I must say I came in with loads of expectations (some which I achieved and some well ……),that’s a post on its own , it was also a whirlpool of events which I must say took even I by surprise some of the memorable ones were Starting college at last to gaining and losing friends to getting heartbroken and everything in between, but such is life never easy why??? 

2016 not forgetting was also the time I officially started this blog since my discovery of WordPress late 2015,and not forgetting procrastination and everything that came with it.

So now as we have 1 day left in 2016 ,and it’s time to check and remake my new year resolutions (nah scratch that I don’t have a new year resolution for this year )why you may ask because I don’t keep them 

But here are some few things I hope to do next year

  • Try to complete my never-ending tbr list: seriously they are beginning very intimidating by the minute😣
  • Reunite with physical books : I am tired of reading ebooks I want to feel ,smell my books but alas life interferes ….
  • Learn a new skill 
  • Be more active in photography 
  • Lose weight :This year I really gained weight so hopefully next year I want to lose it.
  • Stop procrastinating: really hoping I do and if you have tips on ending procrastination let me know in the comments below
  • Be more active in the book community and hopefully make some online friends.
  • And that’s all

So these are some of my numerous goals for next year …..How was your 2016 ? Do you have any new year resolution for next year ? Do you also have any tips on ending procrastination ?   

Let me know in the comment below👇


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