Happily ever after

Today was the day she had been dreaming of since the day she set her eyes on him….she was excited to finally spend the rest of her life with him,no more in secret but today he would be her husband.

He saw her for who she truly was,not that wealthy philatronphist ,queen, talk show that the world saw her but the Brie that she was which was very exciting considering how long they had been together .

Climbing through the stairs separately before they were together side by side she thought of all the challenges they’d overcome and that didn’t stop the tears that escaped her eyes.

After the vows had been said and everything important had been done

As they made love officially that night she couldn’t be more happier with how far they had come ,she knew that things would no longer be secret as they once were he was her’s till death did them part and she planned to keep it that way .



  1. Love the descriptions, and how the photo blends with the narrative. The only improvement I could possibly suggest is to load this into a grammar checker like Grammarly (this is my favorite), as there seems to be a few spelling/grammar errors. Great work! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep writing!

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