Author: C.L. Lynch 
Publication date: December 2016
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult
Pages : 372

Format : EBook

Source: Xpresso book tours in exchange for an honest opinion

“I’m not moving to a whole new school! I’ll be eaten alive!”

Stella Blunt’s world is ending. Her parents have dragged her across the country, and she has to start over in a new school. Th is is a big problem, because she doesn’t make friends easily: she’s large, she’s loud, and she doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

The only person who likes her is the cute geek in her Chemistry class. He’s a great listener, he’s smart at science, and he loves her for her mind. Then again, she’s not sure whether that’s a good thing, considering that he also drinks brains from a thermos and walks with a lurch.

To complicate matters, undead hordes have started showing up at her door.

Can Stella take on a new school, an undead romance, and handle a chainsaw?

Described as “Like Twilight, but with zombies and feminism”, Chemistry is an irreverent romp with a surprising amount of heart from debut author C.L. Lynch, who thinks that fat girls and zombies deserve love too.

I really loved this book and also very glad I requested it ,mostly because the cover remind me of Twilight.

Any who’s it’s humor was just amazing especially our main character Stella and her parents . I also really loved her relationship with Howie.

I felt what really put me off in the book was the whole Kelly Drama which I found somewhat unnecessary, but all those was soon forgotten no thanks to the zombie action .

In all this was a fun and entertaining read that I would really recommend to anyone who is in the mood for humor and zombies.

Thank you Xpresso Book tours for this book and C.L Lynch for this amazing book,I really look forward to more books by this author



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