I don’t about you but I’m feeling nineteen.

I really don’t know why there isn’t a song for us …..anyways today March 28th is my birthday

So I thought I’d do what I’ve seen most people in the blog world do 19 things I’ve learnt by 19

These will be what I’ve learnt over the years ,things that have shaped me because life is one big rollercoaster and you never know what to expect so let’s get started

  1. That the world will move on even when I am not ready to do so.
  2. Never trust anyone except God and your family because those are the people that care about you and know what’s best….the rest of them just need something to talk about.
  3. My Haters and critics are my biggest motivation ,because they push me to be better than the me of yesterday.
  4. Do what makes you happy ….forget grudges life is too short to do that
  5. Everything in life happens for a reason both good and bad even when we don’t see it they turn us into who we are 
  6. Without no past there can be no future, so let go of all the had I knows and regrets because it’s never too late to take the right step
  7. To never leave friends because of the opposite sex,my friends are very important.
  8. I have a lightness and dark in me.
  9. I need to embrace who I am flaws and all or else no one else.
  10. When you feel no one is with you ,trust that you are with you no matter what.
  11. That I can be my own best cheerleader or worst critic.
  12. To never try to make anyone try to understand my goals they just need proof of what I can do.
  13. That I am my own star….I write my own story.
  14. Seize every moment and make it perfect ….don’t wait for the perfect one.
  15. To never lose myself trying to please people 
  16. To always learn one new thing everyday.
  17. To improvise as things may not go as planned.
  18. To show kindness to people no matter who they are or where they’re from even if I feel they don’t deserve it or mean
  19. To be me  because you’re in no competition with anyone but yourself and that is to be better than you of yesterday and years.

    Well that’s that ,hope you liked it and I’ll see you all next time

    Lots of love 
    Xo Debbie

    *off to celebrate *



    1. Happy belated birthday Debbie . March 28 happens to be my mothers birthday too. There’s a lot you have learnt in a short span……There is surely a lot more waiting for you. Good luck

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