Perfectly Imperfect

Ahoy maties,aaarrrggghhh

It feels like ages since I actually posted  on Fhotography ,anyways I am here to fix it with an anthology of photographs called 

Ta da

Introducing Perfectly imperfect my photography anthology …..

A combination of different portfolios each a unique story that speaks on our relationship with God ,ourselves, other humans ,countries, basically about the beauty of the world and life unfiltered…..

That’s right this portfolio will be Filter free except The Black – and- white Reign,which will be black and white alone…..

We are all unique in our own way flaws and all ,we don’t need any Photoshop or anything to mask our awesomeness .

For everyday pictures check out my Instagram Here

I really hope I complete this and most importantly hope that this anthology help you in your life.

Till then

Xo Debbie

Starts April 1st 2017


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