March Recap//Update

Hhey everyone I know it’s been long since I went on hiatus and this time it wasn’t school work or anything ….I just didn’t feel like blogging but hopefully April will be better.

As always March was a whirlwind of events from being dumped by my boyfriend ,honestly I can’t wrap my head around what just happened between us everything was good then he’s wanting a breakup , leaving me in a depressed state and you’d think with two failed relationship I would handle this one well but I didnt because I really liked him ,but I really hope we remain friends tho but all I know for now is I am done with anything relationship till further notice that is if anything happens.

I turned Nineteen this year and I shared nineteen things I had learnt at nineteen ,my birthday wasn’t really a big one just a small thing between my family and I ,and I shared nineteen things i learnt by nineteen which you can check out on my blog.

Away from all that my disappearance from the blog led to me doing a lot of reading and planning of which you’ll be seeing this April and I can’t wait for you to see it.

Some of the books I read this March were

Heartless -Marissa Meyer

Seven days a Friday-Alex A. King

Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick

A Cantata of Love by Jacki Delecki

30/30 : William Ifeanyi Moore

Diary of An Evil Queen- Stacia Deutsch


Heart of Winter – James Hartley

Not forgetting an Arc

How to make a Marquess

reviews for them will be coming ….so check out the blog for those.
Speaking of blogging I will be blogging from next month Tuesday ,Thursday and Sunday by 10-11pm

So be in the look out for that and many more exciting things here at The bookaholicvsglobe

I will also be starting a photography Anthology as well next month a post will be up for this more check out my photography Instagram page Here .

That’s all for now ….I hope April is better? How was March for you?

Have you ever faced a break up ? I’d really love to know…Lemme know in the comments below



  1. Welcome back and I feel you, I’ve had moments like that when just don’t want to or want to stop altogether blogging.
    It’s healthy to take a break and then return when you are ready.

    All the best with your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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