Wonderfully Made

“I Will praise thee,for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”–Psalm 139:14

How do you feel beautiful in a society that places so much importance on flat stomachs and artificial beauty over the natural ones…..how do we remember this promises even when we don’t feel like it? How do you feel beautiful naturally when your social feed is bombarded with all these fake things ?

These are some of the questions that come into my mind on a normal day and to make matters worse we are in the social Media age where we get to see these things ,these things dominate our feed almost everyday ,not to sound like an oldie or anything but being a teenager in this age personally for me is very difficult.

Personally I have made ridiculous mistakes that when I look back at  sometimes I cringe the ones I did  from low self-esteem ;from starving myself ,to doing things that really i’m not proud of.

So I enjoin us all today to know that we are beautifully and wonderfully made in him ,and that real beauty is within and that God no mistakes whatsoever whatever flaws we may have even when we don’t notice it at first or at all, even if we don’t feel it at that moment or most times
So over to you

What do you think is beauty? When do you feel beautiful? Or rather What are some crazy things you’ve done in order to feel beautiful or among?

Let me know in the comments below I’d really love to hear from you.



  1. I feel like beauty is deep within.. You have to love yourself to feel beautiful all the time and that should be everyday!!!! Nothing should make you feel ugly, not wanted or anything. The way you treat one another is what makes you beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Beauty comes from your hear and soul, not your physical appearance. I feel for the teenagers that have to grow up during this time. I remember the struggles I had with self esteem as a teenager and can only imagine how they are amplified in this generation due to social media. Great post!

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    • Thank you Misty for your thoughts and your right beauty should come from within not outside
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us as wellโ˜บ


  3. Beauty is whatever people want it to be. For me experiences and moments are beautiful. Smiles and happiness is beautiful. It would be nice to hear more about your view on it in your blog, rather than just reflect9ng on the subject?? (Also need to check your grammar – made it a difficult read for me!)

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