Real Neat Blog Award

Hey everyone !I was nominated for an award ; The real Neat Blog Award.

A huge thanks to Abi from HappilyAbi for nominating me for this award! I had a lot of fun with it so without saying much let’s get started but before that check out Abi’s blog Here and you won’t be disappointed.


The rules of the real neat award are:

1. Put the award logo on your blog

2.Answer 7 Questions asked by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the person who nominated you, linking to their blogs.

4.Nominate any number of bloggers you like,linking to their blogs

5.Let them know you nominated them(by commenting in their recent blog post).

Questions and Answers

1.What is your Favorite movie and why?

This is a very interesting question because I have a lot of favorite movies but recently my favorite movie is Zootopia,it teaches it’s viewers to never give up on their dreams and that everyone can make a change.

2. What are the first five things that come to your mind right now?

Well that would be 

  1. Food
  2. Books
  3. Blogging
  4. Sleep
  5. Chocolate

3. What is someone (something) that makes you happy?

My friends, my siblings ,all fun but they do get on my nerves sometimes.

4. What is one thing you learnt about yourself last year.

That I’m a people pleaser and I have a little bit of low self confidence but I am working on that .

5.Name one good thing that happened today?

Nothing really exciting happened today.

6. How do you spend long weekends?

My long weekends are spent doing chores,reading and whatever the weekend brings along.

 And the award goes to *drum roll please*

  1. Natasha (life of a city girl
  2. Briannas Bandwagon
  3. Dancing with Shadows
  4. Nancyongom
  5. Aeshwarya
  6. You

 And Your questions are 

  • What’s your hobby
  • What makes you feel beautiful
  • What’s your dream job
  • Name one good thing that happened today?
  • What’s your favorite movie and why?

Once again ,thank you Abi for nominating me for this wonderful award.I had a lot of fun answering the questions ,and also making up questions for my nominees.

If you do this award leave a link so I can go check it out.

That’s all for now 

Till next time




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