The caring Father

“For as one man’s disobedience many were made sinners ,so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous” — Romans 5:19

 After much thought on this passage ,it can be likened to two brothers ,by one’s sin many were punished but by the other brother’s righteousness many were forgiven and made whole .One was Adam and the other Jesus

Man sinned when he ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden but because of God’s loving kindness and grace he forgave us and sent to us his beloved son to die for our sakes with which we are made whole in him and called co- heirs in Christ.

Now what bothers me on a daily basis is a chapter of the bible …Matthew perhaps that says if the birds in the sky don’t worry about their daily meals or the beautiful flowers we see don’t bother about their coat yet are more beautiful than we can ever imagine( I know I have scrolled through Instagram admiring God’s beauts and they have also been models in my photographs) ,so why then do we co- heirs of Christ ,in Him  bother of our daily need and all that we go through when we know,( when i know)he has them all taken care of if only we trust in him alone that’s faith,because at the right time he will restore all that was lost,He that knows how many hair we have on our head ,know when we die and when we live ,knows who we really are .

He hasn’t forgotten us neither has he forsaken us even when we think nothing is happening in our lives, just keep praying and keep trusting God and he’ll be there .

So therefore, let us stop the worry because as someone rightly said worry is like a rocking chair that moves at a pace,it keeps you busy and achieving nothing.

So stop the worry ,the anxiety, the depression and trust your heavenly father who’s got your back at every turn .



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