The little things 

Hhey guys ,so whilst I was thinking about a post that had something to do with happiness,I realized that most times we are distracted by the big things/achievements than we are of the little things in life that makes us smile .

So without further ado here are some of the little things that make me happy ,things feel me with peace of mind and also keep me stable in this crazy rollercoaster called life 

  • Being in his presence: There is always this peace that settles in me every time I enter his presence,because I know he is in control and he is with me.
  • Photography: I love photography ,others say writing keeps them sane ,but me that would be photography, capturing rare beauties through the lens,keeps me sane makes me remember God’s promise to us.
  • With my comfort food : I am not really a foodie but there are some that have wormed their way into my life hehe
  • Being with my family: I love my family ,even if they can be a bit annoying but I still love them because I know they’ve got my back.
  • My birthday
  • Appreciated for the good things I do
  • When my blog gets good views /and when someone new joins our blog family 
  • The golden hours (sunrise and sunset)
  • Reading a new book: There’s always this lovely feeling you have starting a new book,I for one always wonder what new adventure is waiting for me on the pages of that book.
  • Journalling: I love journalling, but sadly I tend to forget about it a lot .😪
  • Movies 
  • A nap : When the couch potato in me comes back from it’s vacation that is.
  • Traveling/Adventure: I love traveling ,I love the new adventure and experience that comes with it and I hope to do more of that this year hopefully.
  • My friends: I love being around people that make me forget about my phone.
  • Me time : I really love my company more than others 

To be selfless you need to be selfish

So over to you what are some little things that make you happy ….Let me know in the comments below..



  1. We have a lot in common on what makes us happy. I love to read and to take naps, so both of those make me happy. My passion is travelling, so that’s a whole other level of happiness for me! Seeing the sun rise makes me feel like I can conquer any day. I also really love food, so eating a rally good meal puts me in a great mood. And anytime I can spend time with people I love is a great time for me 🙂

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  2. Good post. In the first line it shall be “Hey” rather than “Hhey”. Moving on to what makes me happy. I feel that being at a soccer field makes me very happy indeed. Keep writing as always. cheers!

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  3. I can agree to all those you have written. But a huge one for me is music. Music is what allows me to just drift away from reality for that moment. It is a pity that I can not play any instruments or sing (although it does not stop me haha).

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