God of Awesome Wonder #MOP/T 2017

Hey guys! How ya’ll doing and how is June going?

So Welcome to my blog’s first Praise and Thanksgiving; this is a period where I just totally our most high God !

This month and subsequent months we will praise God all month long through songs ,dance …..anything at all.

So get ready to be entertained by some African praises ,and we’re kicking this off with one .

This is called Onise Iyanu by Nathaniel Bassey ft Micah Stampley .

This song is just an expression that he is a God of Awesome Wonder.

Onise Iyanu, You’re a God of Awesome Wonders I’ve tasted off your powers 

Onise Iyanu ,you’ve showed me so much mercy much more than I deserve……

Onise Iyanu is a Yoruba word meaning Awesome Wonder  (Thank you Google)☺

Watch the video here

Here’s to inviting you to join in this Month of Thanksgiving.

So if there’s any song of praise,bible verse,expression you’d like to share with us and most importantly God for keeping us safe from the chaos we keep hearing, not having to witness disaster .

Let me know in the comment below,and I’ll be sure to give you credit as well.

Let the Month of Praise/Thanksgiving and Restoration begin.




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