Behind the clouds

Title: Behind the clouds

Author: Ifeoma Okoye 

Genre:African Fiction

Publication/Publishers:2012/Pearson Education Limited



Blurb:( According to the book)

The room seemed to spin round Ije .She wanted to scream ,to call the visitor an imposter ,a liar. The visitor said rudely,”You’re his childless wife,I’m carrying his baby and I’ve come to take my rightful place in his house”.

Ije longs for a baby to crown her happy marriage. Doctors, herbalist, faith-healers,friends and mother-in-law all think they can solve her problem. The one thing Ije never considers is that another woman might conceive her husband’s child


 ” Every bad thing is a blessing in disguise”.

“A man never stops growing”

“Time heals all wounds.”


Ms.Okoye takes us to the going-ons in Africa, Nigeria, where childbearing is a very important thing in marriage and not just any child ,a male child .

It also tells a tale of how the blame of a childless marriage rests on the shoulders of the woman,forgetting it takes two to tango,a woman without child is regarded  a failure, so is the case of our main characters the Apia or more importantly Ije Appia 

After going through all forms of treatment, unpleasant and dangerous ones an unexpected visitor reveals who the source of her problem is /has always main Dozie- her husband, because they always think all is well with them.

About the author

Ifeoma Okoye is the award winning author of Village Boy,the adult novel Men without Ears and Waiting for a son ,which won Commonwealth short story for the African Region . Ifeoma is a prolific author of several successful novels,children’s books and short stories.

Behind the clouds was selected by Spectrum Books limited as one of the Best 25 Nigerian Books written over the past 25 years.



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