Be Godfident

Hey loves,how’s your day going ,I’m here with the first tip of My practical  tips on being/living Confidently.

This is I feel should be the most important tip in our journey of gaining confidence, then again we’re all here for a reason and people that know the purpose to which they were created never struggle ,nor need validation from others.

We live in a time where social media brings to you the glamorous life of others ,no one shows us the wardrobe malfunction, or burnt eggs ,or gloomy days or trials.It’s all about the Good life and Goals ,which leaves me sorry for my own boring life then again not everything that glitters is gold .

Every now and then we click away on links searching for quick ways of being confident and we get it,sometimes we feel it and other times we struggle to feel confident all the while relegating our co- author to the background, maybe checking in with him  once in a while or when a storm hits….(I’m 100% guilty of all of this )….once that phase is over we go ahead seeking validation from our peers ,people around us and changing just to please others and displeasing ourselves in the process of doing so depression and anxiety comes knocking at our door.

But when we know God ,our coauthor we know that we are here for a reason /purpose,one that shouldn’t be wasted on seeking validation from others or trying to fit into where we are very uncomfortable or have to let go of who we truly are.(Debbie take note)

There are so many scriptures that shows us how important we are in him

I will praise him for I’m fearfully and wonderfully made in him”~~~~Psalm 139:14

This verse shows that we are perfectly and wonderfully made in him,we are unique and beautiful as we are .

“You don’t have a change a thing the world could change it’s heart”.

I used to have this thinking that people saw introverts as unsecured people (mostly because people would tell me that),that thought was put on hold when I read and also observed that even the loud ones are insecured ,and most times use that loudness to cover it up .

Being confident is good ,being God-fident is so much better,knowing that God’s got our back through the smiles and tears ,because we are his children and will never desert you and me ,even if our parents do,even if our friends do,even if the world deserts us ,he is always there for you ,he just wants you to know that and come to him .

So that is all I have to say on this topic for now ,I will update this when more thoughts for it come to mind .

Put him in every aspect of your life and he will strengthen you .

With that have a great day and remember to put God in everything you do.

Here’s a little something I’ll be leaving you with 



  1. If only I had realized this many years ago, I would have been more at peace with myself and others. Others will disappoint us at times, we will disappoint ourselves, but God will never disappoint. Thank you for writing this.

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