Love Yourself 

Hey guys we’re still on the tips of on being confident ,you can catch up on the others by clicking here .

Over time ,I’ve discovered that the base or tune of our relationship starts with the one we have with ourselves first ,so unless we love ourselves we cannot love others.

As I said earlier in my introduction (the beginning of the list ,which if you missed can still read it here).

Due to my insecurities ,I was very clingy to people, I hated staying alone ,in the long run I lost most of my friends and accommodated a lot of toxic people in my life; from friends to relationship as well.

When I look back at the things I did because I had low self-esteem , because I didn’t know and love myself and always sought people’s validation I cringe,because I came to notice that the more you seek people’s validation is the more they don’t give it to you.

The more you seek people’s validation that is the time they don’t give it to you

Before I go on what do I mean by love yourself; to me loving yourself /self love is being comfortable in your own skin .,loving yourself for that perfectly imperfect person that you are ,be it my voice or any part of my body I wish was bigger or smaller than the other,it means accepting and happy with who I am no matter what anyone says or thinks.

Once upon a time i used to hate my voice ,my height and weight but now I realize that these things make me unique ,an original and that I should only change or try out anything because I want to and not because someone says  so.

I love these quotes from the DUFF

You’re turn ,how do you practice self love,what tips do you have to share with us .

Let me know in the comment below.

Till I bring to you the next tip on living confidently, have a great day.



  1. I’m not one who seeks validation from others, got no confidence issue, rather my self esteem is quite above average. But sure, there have been times when i have questioned myself “if i was good enough” especially during job interviews or in the pursuit of my dream job. I have had doubts but lucky enough i have close friends and family who reminds me of how awesome i’m and why i should believe more in myself because they all do. And then there’s God, pray about it when such doubt arises. Also develop the habit of proclaiming out loud positive affirmations. Write them down and paste it somewhere in your room where you can easily read them (mine is above my mirror) i find them really helpful.
    Great post debbie.

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  2. Am 68 years young and you learn that you truly have to love yourself before anyone else ~ you can see it in those people that walk with pride that sure they might not be prettier, but their smiles light up and they have that personality that just makes you know they like who they are ~ great post and ty for sharing

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