The Beginning || M.O.I

Life is so bleak, I crave a moment of adventure, a break from reality ,what I’d give to stop the same routine I do everyday “.

Oh hey guys ! Sorry about that I’m sure you’re wondering what those words meant ,I’ll explain that and many more right after I introduce myself to you ,mother taught me well plus i can’t start yapping randomly.

First off my name is Brie Evans ,I am nineteen at the moment ,full time college student, who spends her life reading and probably experiences something new once in every blue moon ….Anyways I stay with my parents ,and I’ll give you reasons why I stay with them ,one if those reasons is they don’t believe a girl should be backpacking round the globe ( My dream🙋) but should be a girly-girl which is so not me plus I don’t share half of their dreams with them.

I am an introvert to those who don’t know ,but be my close friend,you’ll be begging me to shut up .I am a Christian ,I strive to have a closer relationship with God and share the gospel to people who need Jesus in their life .

I am a book nerd, make up hoarder,chocolate fiend and junkie ,music lover and sometimes a couch potato.I also love photography; people say writing keeps them sane that’s my relationship with photography, plus I feel closer to God ,you know capturing his beauty reminds me he cares for me as well.

I also love movie and travels and so many other things you’ll probably now of me as we go on .

I have three siblings, of which I am the first ….so more expectations which unfortunately I’m not good at.I do my own thing .

I am a bit unsecured ,but I’m working on it .

That’s all you need to know of me for now ,but don’t worry you’ll be seeing a whole lot of me ,Right Debbie?

Till then see you later


You’re definitely right about that Brie ,we’ll be seeing you a lot .

Hey guys ,so that was the first chapter of Memoirs of an Introvert ,a little something I’ve been working on.I hope you like it .

Feedbacks and thoughts are always appreciated .Expect an update everyday.

Till next time 




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