You are God Alone

Today marks the beginning of 30 days of Praise and to start is this with a lovely song by William McDowell.

You are God Alone from the Arise Live Album ,which contains great uplifting songs but this one is my favorite ,because it reminds me that during the Good and bad times of my life God is still charge ,he has been from before time began and is still on the throne 

Unchangeable, unshakable and unstoppable

You are God alone ,from before time began ,

You were on your throne, You are God alone, 

And right now in the Good times and bad ,

You are on your throne,You are God alone,

You’re unchangeable (unchangeable)

Unshakeable (Unshakable)

Unstoppable (Unstoppable)

That’s who you are .

As always you can partake in praising the king of kings for the next Thirty days by sending in your songs and thoughts in the comment below…..


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