Sound of your kingdom

Welcome to 5th day of the month of praise.

Today’s praise is led by Jaci Velásquez, Sound of your kingdom from her Trust Album, an album I stumbled upon and was really drawn to mostly by the cover:mrgreen: and since then I’ve been loving the 10 tracks off the Album .

And it’s very ironic to note that Sound of your kingdom is the last song on the album but makes a good praise 

Here is some part of it 

” We are sons ,we are daughters 

  We belong to the Father

  May our lives,may our hearts 

  Be your kingdom

  Paint the streets gold 

  You got cheering from the rafters 

  Let ourselves go

  Be the joy and hear the laughter

  Our hearts are spilling over 

  Because of what you’ve done 

 This is the sound of your kingdom

This is the sound of your kingdom

So go ahead and give her album a listen and be blessed ,if you have what’s your favorite song off the album.


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