How to make a Marquess

Title: How to make a Marquess

Author: Eleanor Meyers

Genre: Historical Romance

Source : EBook /Arc
Blurb: When Lewis discovers he has a son,he has to search for Lady Phoebe, even though he broke her heart a eight years  ago.But when the love is rekindled, both will face their biggest challenge- The Duke of Wardington .His Grace won’t let Lewis go and demands all debts to be paid .How high of a price is this couple willing to pay to be together ? 

Anyone can truly be free of the Duke of Wardington.

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Once again another Amazing book by Ms .Meyer that will take you on a journey through History.

This is Lewis story in the Wardington series, if you’ve been following the series ,which I haven’t really been doing.

Thanks life😾….I will try to catch up with that and posts reviews as well.

Lewis is June’s brother who got Married to Mark (The last of his brothers to do so as told  in the Skills of a scoundrel).

So know we get a glimpse of what Lewis was like in his good ole’days before he had to do what he did when you read the book

Thank you Eleanor Meyers for this wonderful work…really look forward to reading more from you.



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