About thebookaholicvsglobe

Thebookaholicvsglobe is an inspiring and well….another lifestyle blog here on the Internet ,we believe that every genius was once an amateur ,that the journey of a thousand mile begins with a step.

The journey of a thousand mile begins with a step

We also believe that every voice and dream is valid and should be heard and supported ,we also believe that we should try to tell our stories because we never know who we can inspire through them.

             About the Blog

Thebookaholicvsglobe started out as so many things before I finally joined the league of lifestyle blogs.After spending a year dreaming ,procrastination and basically running around in a circle ,I finally realized that I can not only make this a lifestyle blog but an online book and journal for all my thoughts or rambles.

If it were a book the synopsis would go something like this

 Follow a introverted bookaholic as she goes through life,discovering herself in the process and sharing a few of my favorite things along the way

I want to use this platform to inspire and help people and spread my faith as well using my everyday experiences ,this is basically life unscripted and unedited .

      About Debbie 

Hey there ! I’m Debbie ,the creator ,an Aries and the self proclaimed queen of anything covered in chocolate, icecream and procrastination.

I’m a Nigerian (so expect to see Nigeria  like  never  before) Proudly African .

I’m a full time college student by day and blogger and content creator by night or rather when I can ,aiming for consistency.

I’m definitely not a morning person ,book,music,photography ,painter and movie lover.

I’m a glass wearer never tried contact lens before ,not even planning on trying them, I’m a practical person who works with what she has , A Disney girl ,I grew up with Disney .

I love red and black much to the annoyance of pink princess sister. I’m also a wandering spirit ,….can’t keep still always searching for new adventures.

That’s all I can think of at the moment you’ll know more about me as you stick around.

                Let’s connect

If you would like to be a part of this community, give me a follow ,so we can stay connected as we embark on life’s journey ,remembering to always be in search of Christ, ourselves, happiness and purpose .

You can also join me on Instagram and Twitter I hang out there a lot ,my mini blogs 

You can also reach out to me via email ,feel free to email me inquiries, questions ,comments ,if you would like to drop in to say hi and talk always free to do so ,quest posts ,feedback  at 




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